Jonathan Cole St. George, UT jon@jonathanmcole.com


Jonathan Cole (“Jon”) grew up in southern Utah. As a teenager, he loved business opportunities and dabbled in door-to-door sales, yard maintenance, car sales, and more. His primary job during high school was helping to manage a car wash and detail shop. While there, Jon earned the trust of high-end car owners and was one of the few people entrusted to drive the Rolls Royces, Mercedes, Porches, Vipers, and more!


Following high school, Jon served a Spanish-speaking LDS mission in Washington state. Following a two-year church mission, Jon started working with a young company called Superior Threads. After several years, Jon became a vice president where he has served since 2008.


Jon loves real estate, investing, entrepreneurship, and hard work. Jon holds a bachelors degree in business but feels his education has come from real-life experience and from reading a business book each week for nearly 10 years.


Jon resides in St. George, Utah with his wife and two daughters.

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